Jurgita Judickienė elected Chairwoman of the Board of the Lithuanian Association of Responsible Business (LAVA)


Jurgita Judickienė, the Managing Partner of the Law Firm JUREX, was elected the Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Association of Responsible Business (LAVA) and will replace Lina Kapčinskienė who held this position earlier.

The Board of the association currently consists of Chairwoman Jurgita Judickienė (JUREX) and the following members: Jurgita Bagdonavičienė (Pakmarkas), Valda Chošnau (Exitus), Edita Gurklienė (Interlux), Sigutė Litvinienė (Ekonominės Konsultacijos ir Tyrimai) and Ornela Ramašauskaitė (Orkla Care).

As the Chairwoman of the Board, Ms. Judickienė will ensure the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organisation and the development and implementation of social responsibility projects.

“I appreciate the trust of members of the Board in me, and it is a big responsibility for me. I believe that socially responsible activities is a common priority of advanced organisations, which ensures competitiveness, earnings and customer loyalty and helps to attract talents. I will seek not only to encourage the development of responsible activities, but also to be a mentor and assistant to those wishing to incorporate social responsibility principles in their businesses,” said Ms. Judickienė.

LAVA was established in 2013 and is a representative office of the UN Global Compact. The association unites a variety of companies and organisations operating in different industries and seeking to act responsibly and share this experience with others: to support the principles of ethical operations, respect human rights of employees and rights relating to employment, ensure a rational use of resources, protect the environment, demonstrate zero tolerance for corruption and contribute to the creation of civil society.

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