2019-10-30 JUREX Holds International Conference on Transportation Challenges and Publishes Commentary on CMR Convention 2019-06-19 Jurgita Judickienė elected Chairwoman of the Board of the Lithuanian Association of Responsible Business (LAVA) 2017-07-31 Partner Ignas Dargužas joins Law Firm JUREX; the team of lawyers also grows On 31 July, attorney-at-law and partner Ignas Dargužas boasting a vast dispute resolution experience joined Law Firm JUREX. Attorney-at-law Olga Siomina and several other lawyers have also joined the team. This is a major expansion step of JUREX over the past several years. 2017-03-23 Business is more active in defending infringed competition rights and reputation Lithuanian businessmen tend to settle their disputes in court – 97,000 commercial litigation proceedings in average are initiated in courts since 2012 annually. 2016 saw the biggest increase in the number of disputes concerning competition, defence of business reputation of legal entities, also there was more litigation about public procurement, construction contracting, trade marks, disputes with an international element. 2016-12-09 Increase in the number of commercial disputes about competition and trade marks Lithuanian businessmen tend to settle their disputes in court – in H1 2016 courts started 6 % more commercial cases than during a relevant period in 2015. The courts got a record number of cases about competition and trade marks, whereas the biggest drop was in the number of disputes about establishment or liquidation of companies. Such conclusions can be made on the basis of the overview “Dispute Resolution Index” prepared by law firm JUREX. 2016-08-10 JUREX joined LAVA On July 26, 2016 Law Firm Judickienė and Partners JUREX joined Responsible Business Association of Lithuania (LAVA). LAVA – is a responsible business association that brings together companies and organizations seeking to operate responsibly and to share this experience with others: to support ethical principles, respect human and labour rights of employees, conserve resources, save […] 2016-07-29 JUREX won an extradition case of kazakh Syrym Shalabayev On 29 July, 2016 Court of Appeal of Lithuania has announced its final and undeniable decision, by which the Court has refused to extradite Kazakh billionaire’s Mukhtar Ablyazov’s brother-in-law Syrym Shalabayev to Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan and Ukraine has sent their requests on extradition of Syrym Shalabayev in the end of the summer, 2015. Kazakhstan […] 2016-07-18 JUREX won a defamation case Law Firm Judickienė and Partners JUREX won a defamation case in which a person was found guilty of intentional dissemination of false, offensive and defamatory information about a candidate for the municipal council members through the mass media. Comments about the allegedly criminal acts of the JUREX‘s client, a politician, of the extortion and embezzlement […] 2016-06-22 Kęstutis Žičkus held a seminar “Construction Contract: What Should Be In It In Order To Avoid Disputes?” On June 21, 2016, Law Firm’s Judickienė and Partners JUREX associate partner, attorney at law Kęstutis Žičkus held a seminar in Vilnius “Construction Contract: What Should Be In It In Order To Avoid Disputes?”. Attorney at law Kęstutis Žičkus introduced the main terms of the construction contract that help to avoid disputes, told about the […] 2016-06-21 Seminars “Means of Protection of Bankrupt Company and Its Creditors’ Interests. Important Law Changes and Court Practice” in Vilnius and Šiauliai Law Firm’s Judickienė and Partners JUREX partner, attorney at law, bankruptcy and restructuring administrator Marius Tamošiūnas held seminar “Means of Protection of Bankrupt Company and Its Creditors’ Interests. Important Law Changes and Court Practice” on June 17 in Vilnius and June 20 in Šiauliai. The seminars were organized by the Lithuanian Bar Association. Attorney at […] 2016-06-17 Attorney at law Karolina Laurynaitė held a seminar for Panevėžys HR Managers Club On June 16, 2016, Law Firm Judickienė and Partners JUREX together with Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts held a free seminar for the members of Panevėžys HR Managers Club. During the seminar “Problems in Labour Disputes” attorney at law Karolina Laurynaitė introduced the most challenging problems in labour legal relations arising due to […] 2016-05-26 Jurgita Judickienė and Jelena Cvirko held a seminar about legal means of prevention against sanctions for smuggling immigrants into Britain On May 25, 2016, Law Firm‘s Judickienė and Partners JUREX managing partner, attorney at law Jurgita Judickienė together with assistant attorney at law Jelena Cvirko held a seminar „Illegal Immigrants in Cargos to Great Britain: Risk Management and Prevention of Losses“, organized by UAB Apertum. In 2013-2014 the number of illegal immigrants found in trucks […]


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