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As one of the top dispute resolution teams in Lithuania, we’re always open to welcoming motivated professionals who want to work with us.

If you think your experience and skills could make us even stronger, or if you want to become an expert in this field, we’d like to hear from you. Contact us and send us your CV.

We currently have openings for Attorney at Law / Associate assistant to work in the areas of public procurement, labour law and personal data protection.

10 reasons to join the JUREX team:

  • 1.   We’re the only specialist business disputes law firm in Lithuania, ready to help our colleagues develop as experts in this field.
  • 2.   Personal growth is important to us, so we not only keep a library with the latest resources, but also continually broaden our horizons through seminars and trainings.
  • 3.   Everyone on our team specialises in a particular area, so after determining your strengths and preferences, we’ll help you grow as a specialist in a chosen field.
  • 4.   New employees can take advantage of a mentorship programme, where they’re assigned a mentor to help them more easily adapt to working as part of our team.
  • 5.   Younger staff members can from the very start attend court hearings with our Attorneys at Law and draw on the experience of well-established professionals.
  • 6.   Transparency is a key value at JUREX, so the criteria for promotions and career advancement are public and open to everyone working in a company.
  • 7.   Every member of the team has a clear and detailed career plan, with internal policies accessible to all to ensure employees equal and measurable opportunities.
  • 8.   The business climate in Lithuania is important to us, so we strive to create a culture of responsible litigation in the country by publishing a Commercial Disputes Index.
  • 9.   We value close collaboration and friendship, hence the organisation every month of excursions or other opportunities to spend time together.
  • 10.   We’re ready to give a warm and friendly welcome to new employees who join us on this leading Lithuanian team of litigation professionals.

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