Attorney at law Karolina Laurynaitė held a seminar for Panevėžys HR Managers Club

2016-06-16-Karolina Laurynaite_darbo gincu problematikaOn June 16, 2016, Law Firm Judickienė and Partners JUREX together with Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts held a free seminar for the members of Panevėžys HR Managers Club.

During the seminar “Problems in Labour Disputes” attorney at law Karolina Laurynaitė introduced the most challenging problems in labour legal relations arising due to mistakes in labour contracts, insufficient protection of company‘s trade secrets, discussed the most important aspects of material liability contracts and non-compete agreements, told about the recent court practice in labour dispute cases.

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Pateikdama(s) savo elektroninio pašto adresą sutinkate, kad Advokatų profesinė bendrija Judickienė ir partneriai JUREX, kodas 3005573017, T. Kosciuškos 24, Vilnius, jį tvarkys tiesioginės rinkodaros tikslu.